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The mission of HIT is to provide state of the art research and create innovation in the field of Transport in Greece and in Europe.  Also to provide services that produce scientific results, implementable outcomes and specialized knowledge, to support policy and decision making in the field of Transport in Greece.

H.I.T. is a highly recognized research body in the field of Transport. Since its establishment in 2000 it has been a leading research institution in Greece offering specialized basic and applied research and highly technical services in all fields of transport.

H.I.T. has been recognized as a center of excellence in several fields and is a well recognized source of  innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of transport in Europe, thus achieving one of the key objectives of the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CE.R.T.H.).

The Institute cooperates with local, private and public bodies and other institutions in Europe and internationally, and represents Greece in various International trade and scientific fora.

More specifically the Hellenic Institute of Transport undertakes the following activities:
  • Conduct research projects or specialized studies on basic and applied research
  • Set up and operate a bibliographical center emphasizing on Transportation related research activities and publications.
  • Formulates standards and standardization processes in its fields of interest, working together with the institutional standardization bodies and organizations
  • Create and maintain databases on transport-related issues.
  • Translate and publish international transportation standards.
  • Dissemination of the research results in the Greek market with an emphasis on the Public Sector
  • Assessment and evaluation of research activities in the Transport field and of related institutions (Academia, other bodies).
  • Promotion of bilateral as well as multilateral co-operation between Greece and other countries in the field of Transport, with emphasis in the countries of South East Europe.
  • Representing Greece in in Transport Research and other relevant scientific fora and Public bodies.
  • Organizing conferences and national and international events
  • Organization of training and professional education Seminars and Programmes.
  • Contributing to quality control services in the Transport sector and the issuing of relevant certificates
  • Publishing research results in Greek and international journals and conferences.
  • Publishing periodical reports (annual or bi-annual) that depict the progress on the overall greek transport system as well as focusing on the sub-systems (vehicle, rail, aviation, maritime)
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Events and News
Press release public kick off day of the, AUTOPILOT
Press release public kick off day of the, AUTOPILOT
Versailles, France07 Feb 2017

The Hellenic Institute of Transport HIT participated in a meeting of the Special Permanent Committee on Road Safety of the Hellenic Parliament
The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) of the Center of Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) ha1...
Athens, Greece13 Oct 2016

Hellenic Institute of Transport selected as the transport pilot in the Big Data Europe project
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) has been selected to conduct the transport1...
Brussels, Belgium22 Sep 2016

Discovery challenge στο 18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) supports NEC in the organization of a com1...
Porto, Portugal05 Sep 2016

The Hellenic Institute of Transport has been awarded with access to the GRNET digital infrastructure
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) has submitted a research proposal that has1...
Thessaloniki, Greece31 Aug 2016

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